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Крепость Громмаш на Аллее Силы
Крепость Громмаш [48.2, 70.6]
огромная крепость, расположенная на Аллее Силы в столице орков, Оргриммаре. Она названа в честь героя окров Грома Адского Крика, и выступает в качестве политического центра Орды. Гаррош Адский Крик, сын Грома иВождь Орды, а также его советники находятся внутри крепости. Делегации из Луносвета и Подгорода находятся здесь, в том числе наставники паладинов и жрецов, и учитель археологии.


До Раскола

Файл:Grommash Hold.jpg
The old Grommash Hold

The first Grommash Hold was located in the Valley of Wisdom, and was referred to as "Thrall's Fortress" by the guards.

Thrall held court inside the hold, while outside a traveler would find a monument to the orcs' triumph over demonic influence. Mannoroth, the demon lord who cursed the bloodline of the orcs, fell in battle to Thrall and Grom Hellscream. Mannoroth’s skull and armor were displayed on the trunk of an ancient tree, bearing a plaque that told of the orcs' victorious transformation and reminded readers of the mistakes of the past. The keep was simple, and while well designed, it lacked the riches and statues one might see in a human palace.[1]

Before the Burning Crusade expansion, Nazgrel resided here as well, but after the reopening of the Dark Portal, he moved to Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.

This Grommash Hold was destroyed in the Shattering, and was replaced by the current Hold, located in the Valley of Strength.

В обновлении 4.0.1

In Patch 4.0.1, a meeting of the Horde leaders gathers in the hold (for the Alliance version, see Throne Room). In front of the throne stands a semi-circle facing Thrall, starting from the left: Garrosh Hellscream, Eitrigg, and Vol'jin.

Thrall говорит: Let us begin.
Garrosh Hellscream говорит: Are we not going to have more witnesses?
Thrall говорит: I do not wish to make an event of this. Such frivolities are expensive and merely serve our vanity. But if you wish to have a celebration...
Garrosh Hellscream говорит: No Warchief, this is enough.
Thrall говорит: You know that these are troubling times for the Horde. Our supplies dwindle. Our lands are barren. These are tasks that must be addressed for the good of the Horde.
Vol'jjn говорит: Da people be happy with our success in Northrend.
Garrosh говорит: "Our" success? Troll, you played no part in the Horde's victories in Northrend. While I led our warriors against the Lich King, you merely took back a few scattered islands.
Vol'jjn говорит: Watch yourself, young one. You don't-
Eitrigg говорит: Garrosh! Vol'Jin! Hold your tongues. There are larger issues at stake.
Vol'jin говорит: Forgive my outburst, Warchief. Please continue.
Thrall говорит: Despite our success in Northrend, we face serious problems that cannot be solved simply by axe and sword. Eathrquakes shake every region. Elementals ravage the countryside. I can hear our land Azeroth, cry out in pain.
Garrosh говорит: These are the reasons that you must leave.
Thrall говорит: Yes, I leave for Nagrand to learn from the elements there. They have suffered and seen many of these same symptoms.
Vol'jin говорит: How long you gonna be gone?
Thrall говорит: It may take time to learn what I must. I trust I will not be gone too long, but it could be weeks - even months.
Thrall говорит: In my absence, I am instructing you, Garrosh Hellscream, to lead the Horde. You have the strength and courage that our people need to survive in these trying times.
Garrosh говорит: I am honored, Warchief. But I feel unprepared for the life of a ruler.
Thrall говорит: You will not be alone. You will have advisors: Cairne, Eitrigg, Vol'jin. They will help guide you.
Thrall говорит: And though I am leaving soon, I can also instruct you.
Vol'jin говорит: A good first test may be dealin' with dese cultists. Da people be scared. Dey aren't sure what's goin' on.
Garrosh говорит: But even we are not sure of all that is happening. Should we capture these cultists and force their silence? But that may anger the rest of the people... Still, we cannot allow the cult to spread fear and lies...
Eitrigg говорит: Now you are thinking like a ruler, Garrosh. You must look at all sides of a problem. Consult with your advisors and act with confidence.
Thrall говорит: They will help you Garrosh. And I will help you. I will find the answers that we need to assuage the fears of the people and soothe the elements.
Garrosh говорит: I will not fail you, Warchief. I will lead as well as I can, and I will consult with the advisors you suggest. I know what a tremendous honor you do me, and I will strive to be worthy of it.
Thrall говорит: Then it is done.
Thrall говорит: Let everything you do be done for the Horde.
Vol'jin говорит: For da Horde!
Eitrigg говорит: For the Horde!
Garrosh говорит: For the Horde!

В обновлении 5.4.0

Гаррош Адский Крик оставляет Крепость Громмаш и тперь сидит на своем новом троне в подземной крепости, он поручил Темным шаманам Кор'крона защищать крепость в его отсутствие и во время восстания.





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