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Для зоны в Warlords of Draenor, см. Награнд (Дренор).
Нейтральная Награнд
Уровень 64 - 67
СтолицаОрда Гарадар
Расы Маг'хар
ОркОрк Орк
Сломленный Сломленный
ДренейДреней Дреней
Эльф кровиЭльф крови Эльф крови
ОгрОгрОгр Огр
Gronn мужской Gronn
Daemon мужской Демоны
Эфириал Эфириал
ЭлементальЭлементальЭлементальЭлементаль Элементаль
ПравителиОрдаIconSmall Geyah.gif Великая мать Гейя
Крупные поселенияАльянс Телаар
ОрдаАльянс Халаа
Нейтральная Крепость Вечной Скорби
МестоположениеЮго-Запад Запределья

Награнд — это зона, расположенная в Запределье. Он находится к югу от Зангартопи, к западу от Лес а Тероккар и к юго-западу от Полуострова Адского Пламени. Это последнее, не пострадавшее от раскола место в Запределье.

В центре зоны находится город Халаа, который может быть захвачен Альянсом или Ордой. Тот, кто удерживает город получит ряд преимуществ, таких как: активная зона выдачи заданий, продавцы, тренеры и т.д. Противоположной фракции, естественно будет закрыт доступ ко всему этому. См. раздел Мирового PvP ниже для получения подробной информации.



Nagrand is the last unscarred region in Outland. It is the ancestral home of the orcs and the heart of early orcish shamanism. Today it is a fertile retreat where elementals commune with mortals on a regular basis. Marauding ogres from the Blade's Edge Mountains, meaning to claim the territory as their own, currently pose the greatest threat to this unspoiled reserve.

Nagrand — orcish for "Land of Winds" — was formerly the homeland of the Frostwolf clan, and the meeting grounds of the orcish people, where the Kosh'harg celebrations were held twice every year. The clans would assemble at the base of their sacred mountain, Oshu'gun, and give thanks to the spirits.

During the war against the draenei, Prophet Velen and a retinue of priests made their way to Oshu'gun — the vessel that brought them to Draenor — where they were taken prisoner by Durotan and the Frostwolf clan, and eventually released (Durotan's reasoning being that the draenei allowed themselves to be taken prisoner, therefore there was no honor in holding them). When the elements abandoned the orcish people, it was here — again, in the shadow of Oshu'gun — that Gul'dan introduced the orcish people to warlock magics. Today the Mag'har, the orcs who did not partake of the blood of Mannoroth and cut themselves off from the other corrupted clans, make their home here, as do the Kurenai, Broken draenei seeking to find their destiny.

Nagrand was one of the first locations to show the signs of corruption from released fel magics including desiccation by long droughts, fertile soil turned to dust and sand that would not hold grasses or crops, and the acrid odor similar to something burning.[1] However, having largely escaped the severity of corruption seen elsewhere in the world, it became known as mag'har, "uncorrupted".Шаблон:Citation needed It remained one of the few places in the world (along with the Fields of Farahlon and portions of Terokkar Forest) that looked largely as they did before the corruption of the world.

In Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Illidan Stormrage, Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj managed to seize the Black Temple from Magtheridon by shutting down several dimensional gateways used by Magtheridon to bring demons from the Twisting Nether. In World of Warcraft, it is revealed that one of these gateways was actually located in Nagrand.


Green and yellow grassy plains, reminding one a bit of Mulgore and/or the Barrens. Pink-channeled sky. Although the terrain of the Barrens is similar, Nagrand is greener and has a minor amount of wetland in places, as well as an overall higher presence of water. The zone's background music implies a mood of reverence, solemnity, and a certain amount of sorrow at its now somewhat broken nature. The music contains a direct quote from the recitative part of the aria "O Zittre Nicht" from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute.

Nagrand was covered by snow during Draenor's winters (although its unclear if Outland still has regular seasons).[2]

There are no dungeons or battlegrounds in Nagrand. However, there is plenty of opportunity for combat: the city of Halaa is constantly under siege from one faction or the other, and the Ring of Trials arena frequently sees heated gladiatorial battles.

Карты и подзоны

Карта Награнда.
Aeris Landing · Abandoned Armory · Ancestral Grounds · Arena Floor · The Barrier Hills · Burning Blade Ruins · Clan Watch · Elemental Plateau · Forge Camp: Fear · Forge Camp: Hate · Garadar · Halaa · Halaani Basin · The High Path · Kil'sorrow Fortress · Lake Sunspring · Laughing Skull Courtyard · Laughing Skull Ruins · The Low Path · Mag'hari Procession · Nesingwary Safari · Northwind Cleft · Oshu'gun · The Ring of Blood · The Ring of Trials · Skysong Lake · Southwind Cleft · Spirit Fields · Sunspring Post · Telaar · Telaari Basin · Throne of the Elements · The Twilight Ridge · Warmaul Hill · Windyreed Pass · Windyreed Village · Zangar Ridge

Транспортные пути

Альянс Телаар
Орда Гарадар

Зоны элитных мобов


World PvP

  • Халаа: At the center of Nagrand, the Alliance and Horde struggle to control the city plateau of Halaa and its resources. Antagonists may use wyvern roosts near Halaa's four rope bridges to bomb guards, vendors, and PvP opponents if they fall within range of their fixed flight paths around the area. When the city's 15 NPC guards have been killed, the invading faction may claim Halaa as their own if they can protect the flag at the center of town. The faction that controls Halaa will get the Strength of the Halaani (increases all damage done by 5%) region-wide buff for all those of their faction.

Основные фракции

Регионы, прилегающие к Награнду

Название Фракция Уровень Направление Доступ
Зангартопь ААльянсООрда 60-64 Север Пешком через перевал на севере
Лес Тероккар ААльянсООрда 62-65 Юго-Восток Пешком через перевал на юго-востоке
Шаттрат ААльянсООрда 60-70 Восток Пешком через перевал на востоке, ведущий на ярус Алдоров

Известные персонажи

Основная статья: Награнд - НИП


Основная статья: Задания в Награнде
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  • Награнд единственная зона в Запределье (На самом деле, единственная область, добавленная в The Burning Crusade) без подземелья.


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