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Для типа дебафа, см. Ловушка.
Spell nature slow.png
  • Замедление
  • Cпособность мага  49 уровня
  • 12% базовой маны
  • Мгновенное действие
  • Снижает скорость передвижения цели на 60%, увеличивает время между атаками дальнего боя на 60% и время произнесения заклинаний на 30%. Время действия – 15 сек. Замедление одновременно можно применять только к одной цели.
ШколаТайная магия
Радиус35 м
Ветка талантаТайная магия, Ступень 5
Воронка Пустоты (талант мага)
Прочая информация
Уровень тренировки49
Связанный отрицательный эффект
Spell nature slow.png
  • Магия
  • Замедление
  • Скорость передвижения снижена на 60%. Время между атаками дальнего боя увеличено на 60%. Время произнесения заклинаний увеличено на 30%.
  • Длительность: 15 секунд
"Вам . . . немного . . . помочь?"[1]
[требуется локализация]

Slow is a talent-trained mage spell that slows movement and reduces ranged attack and casting speed for 15 seconds. It is a 60% snare combined with a 60% negative haste debuff that affects ranged attacks and a 30% for spell casting. Only one target can be affected by Slow at a time.

The Mages of Lordaeron have been able to create a spell that hinders both movement and reflex. By warping the very patterns of time that surround his target, Slow enables the caster to bring an enemy's offensive to a crawl. Time cannot be held in check by even the mightiest of Mages, however, so the effects of this temporal shift cease as the power of the spell wanes.[2]

The Kirin Tor developed a technique that envelops a person in a field that reduces kinetic energy. This spell actually pulls the energy directly from the creature trying to move and attack, and channels it into the ground, causing the creature to have reduced attack and movement speed.[3]


This is very powerful Crowd Control ability, and if used correctly, can save more lives than Ice Block.

Abilities that specifically dispel snares will remove the entire debuff, including the negative haste effect. This includes Hand of Freedom, Escape Artist and [Living Action Potion].

Slow is dispelled as a magic type debuff.

This spell will overwrite the debuff given from Cone of Cold.

Talent improvement

The talent Nether Vortex (mage talent) gives Arcane Blast a chance to apply Slow to the target if no target is afflicted by Slow.

Tips and tricks

This is useful against most classes in PvP. For casters, the cast speed debuff is used similar to a warlock's Curse of Tongues, giving the mage a better window to interrupt with Counterspell. For melee classes, the snare is as effective as any frost-based snare, and the cast is instant, meaning it can be cast on the run to better escape. For hunters that can't be kited, Slow at least reduces their ranged attack speed.

This ability counts as a snare for the purpose of Torment the Weak, but since every tanking class also has a snare, it is seldom necessary in PvE.

Patch changes

  1. перенаправление Шаблон:Обновление 5.0.3


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