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Для , см. части души, связанной с Иллиданом и Тень Акамы.
Изображение для Акама
Пол Мужской
Раса(ы) Сломленный[1]/Заблудший[2]
Уровень 70 элитный (73 Элитный в Черном Храме)
Класс персонажа Старший Мудрец, Шаман, раньше Жрец
Здоровье 4,212 (303,500 в Черном Храме)
Мана 3,155 (33,870 в Черном Храме)
Реакция Альянс Орда
Фракция Пеплоусты, Ша'тар
Отношение к другим (ранее) силы Иллидана
Деятельность Лидер племени Пеплоустов, Тюремный смотритель Майев Песнь Теней
Зона Клеть Стражницы и Черный Храм, Долина Призрачной Луны
Статус Жив
Компаньон(ы) Майев Песнь Теней

Старший Мудрец Акама является лидером Племени Пеплоустов, фракции Сломленных якобы на службе Иллидана Ярость Бури. Получив шанс отомстить оркам, уничтожившим его народ, Акама вступил в союз с Иллиданом и помог ему свергнуть Магтеридона. Лишь после этого он понял, что Иллидан не лучше свергнутого властителя преисподней. После случившегося, Пеплоусты во главе с Акамой сохранили верность Иллидану, но Акама в тайне желал положить конец его правлению.

Объединившись с Майев Песнью Теней, которой он был пленен, Акама призвал группу героев вторгнуться в Черный Храм для финальной схватки, принесшей погибель Предателю. Акама все еще надеется, что однажды свет вновь воссияет в залах Храма...




WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию для романов или коротких историй о Wacraft.

Akama is a kind but hardened Broken draenei who was once the guardian of the Temple of Karabor. When the orcs enslaved by the Burning Legion descended upon the Temple, Akama took charge of evacuating as many civilians as possible and then went into hiding with the remnants of the draenei. In the short story Unbroken, he fled from the Temple to Shattrath City before going into hiding, where he was the most exposed of the refugees to the fel energies that caused some draenei to mutate, sending him into a coma. Sometime after the general banishment of the Broken from the draenei camps, he came out of his coma and was sent on his way as well.

Before and after the cataclysm and the shattering of Draenor, Akama took an interest in the activities of the former vindicator Nobundo, and had stealthily followed him time and again to observe his efforts to reconnect with the Light, a power the former priest was quite familiar with. After coming out of his coma, Akama had felt nothing but despair and a needling dread of the future. Perhaps he was hoping to see if he succeeded and pave the way back to Akama's own abilities and/or form; only Akama can say. What he certainly did not expect was to witness Nobundo's first contact with the elemental spirits, and while he couldn't hear the spirit of fire when it first spoke to Nobundo, it quite clearly was doing so and left Akama in absolute astonishment.

Akama continued to observe Nobundo for another week, and watched as the elements defended Nobundo from the guards of a draenei camp, allowing him to pass through unhindered. Akama did not dare follow, but he didn't need to. The events that he had just witnessed planted a seed within him; seeing what Nobundo had just done, to see he had accomplished, stirred a feeling in Akama that he had feared long dead: Hope. He slipped back into the marsh with his newfound hope. Nobundo, while he had at times felt as if someone had been watching him through out his efforts, was never the wiser of what he had done for Akama.[3]

Во Frozen Throne

WC3RoC logo 16x32.png Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию по Warcraft III.

Years later, Akama, now an elder sage of the Broken draenei survivors, was forced into the open where he fought a losing battle against the pit lord Magtheridon and his army of demons and fel orcs.

Akama found himself aided by Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj, a blood elf and naga who had come from Azeroth to escape the clutches of human captors. Hoping to gain allies in the fight against Magtheridon, Kael'thas and Vashj destroyed the base of the fel orc who had been raiding Akama's makeshift outpost. Akama pledged his loyalty to Illidan and aided them by attacking a larger orcish base, keeping the enemy occupied and away from Kael'thas and Illidan as the two closed the dimensional gateways — which were supplying constant reinforcements to Magtheridon. After that battle, the time had come to lay siege to Magtheridon's Black Citadel itself.

Akama pledged allegiance to Illidan, craving vengeance on the orcs and demons who had corrupted and slaughtered his race, however, since this moment he begun planning his inevitable conflict with Illidan.[4] Using his stealth abilities, Akama and a band of his followers sneaked into Black Temple and destroyed the magical energy generators which sustained the defenses of the citadel, and then aided Illidan, Kael, and Vashj in the final attack against Magtheridon himself.

When Kil'jaeden appeared and ordered Illidan to destroy the Frozen Throne, Illidan, Kael, and Vashj went as ordered, while Akama remained in Outland to guard their holdings.

В Burning Crusade

TBC Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию для The Burning Crusade.
"Take this as my promise to you that when the time comes and you face Illidan, I will be on your side."

Akama is a level 70 Broken draenei located in front of Maiev Shadowsong's cell in the Warden's Cage in Shadowmoon Valley. In order to reach him, adventurers of the Horde and Alliance had to enter into the underground portion of the Warden's Cage and look to right at what appears to be just a pool of water. Swimming into and under the pool brought them into Maiev's cell where Akama is standing guard.

After an introductory quest chain, in which players have to prove that they are not allied with Illidan by killing some members of the Illidari, they are sent to speak with Akama. He explains that it is best for his people to continue to appear to serve Illidan until certain omens are fulfilled. He then gives a quest to speak with Sage Udalo who is being held prisoner in the Arcatraz, a satellite of Tempest Keep. Udalo is dead, but has left a clue behind for the next quest.

On returning from the Arcatraz, Akama gives a quest to retrieve the [Heart of Fury], one of the shards of the Ata'mal Crystal, from the Ata'mal Terrace in Shadowmoon Valley. When this is completed, Akama sends the party to meet the naaru A'dal in Shattrath City.

The Shade of Akama, the portion of Akama's soul tied to Illidan's will, is a boss in Black Temple. Akama with the help of the adventurers released his soul and was also able to regain his people's trust. After the Illidari Council is defeated, Akama alongside two souls of Ashtongue members opened the gate to the very top of the Temple. During the final confrontation with Illidan, Akama himself assisted adventurers in battle, although he cannot be killed. Akama leaves the battle during the first phase and is not seen again for the remainder of the battle; however, Maiev Shadowsong arrives for the final phase and remains until Illidan's death. Akama had freed Maiev from her prison cell and led her into the Temple with the aid of players seeking to obtain the [Medallion of Karabor] that allows entry into the Temple. After Illidan is defeated, Akama swears to fill the halls of the Black Temple with Light once again.[5]


He gives the following quests:

В Mists of Pandaria

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В Бойцовском клубе

Akama joined the Brawler's Guild. He yields, after he is defeated by the combatants.

Наследие Мастера

Akama is distrustful of Warlocks after witnessing Illidan's fall to his own corruption, followed by the invasion of the Black Temple by the Council of the Black Harvest after the Cataclysm.

When a Warlock Adventurer infiltrates the Black Temple following the trail of Jubeka and Kanrethad, they are ambushed by Akama. He agrees to help hunt down the two Warlocks, recognizing the Adventurer's name.


Трейлер Черного Храма

Акама до мутации в сломленного

Akama is the narrator of the trailer for the Black Temple patch; this trailer shows his history from a guardian to his current state, and reveals his appearance prior to his mutation. At several points, it reveals events of lore: the orcs' attack on the Temple of Karabor and the draenei journey into hiding in Zangarmarsh; Gul'dan's raising of the volcano that bears his name; Ner'zhul opening his portals, leading to the creation of Outland; the arrival of Magtheridon and, later, of Illidan Stormrage; Akama, Kael'thas Sunstrider, and Lady Vashj aiding Illidan in sealing Magtheridon's portals before the final battle; and finally, Illidan claiming Black Temple.

Текст его рассказа:

Я помню каким Черных Храм был раньше: священное место.

Я молился в его залах, медитировал в его садах. Меня окружало счастье и спокойствие.

Я так же помню день, когда пришли орки.

День, ознаменованный криками и потоками крови, пугавших женщин и детей, прятавшихся в темных углах.

Я спас многих, но куда больше поплатилось жизнью.

В тот день мое любимое святилище стало Черным Храмом.

Оркские чернокнижники занимались темной магией, что изуродовала землю и чуть не уничтожила всех нас.

Даже после безрассудного колдовства, разорвавшего планету на части, мои люди не могли найти пристанища.

Я помню армии демонов, прошедших по нашим землям, словно чума.

В эти темные времена Магтеридон сделал Храм своим домом.

Затем пришел Иллидан...

Тот, кого они звали Предателем; враг моего врага.

Мы помогли ему запечатать порталы Запределья и отрезать пути подступления Легиона.

Мы думали, что с этой новой силой? вместе мы сможем вернуть нашу священную землю.

Думаю, часть меня уже тогда знала, что Черный Храм может принять лишь другого злого правителя взамен нынешнего.

Я предпочитаю помнить Храм, каким он был раньше; не мерзостью, которой он стал.

Моя душа страдает от несправедливости, но я терпел, я ждал.

И, когда придет время, Предатель станет... преданным.

Акама "Подыгрывает"

Акама в World of Warcraft.

After completing the quest entitled Akama, a small scripted event between Akama and the dreadlord Vagath — one of Illidan's demon lieutenants — occurs. Vagath arrives with two demonic minions and yells out:

  • Vagath: Mortals, here? What is the meaning of this, pathetic Broken!
  • Akama whispers to the player: Have no fear, <race>. Just play along.

Akama "kills" the player and reassures Vagath.

  • Akama: A mere nuisance, I assure you! Tell the Master his prisoner will not escape while Akama and his Deathsworn watch over her.
  • Vagath: You'd do well not to toy with me, Akama. Illidan has given me strict orders to keep watch on the Warden. If I find out you are hiding anything from me, I will crush you with my bare hands!

Vagath leaves and Akama "resurrects" the player.

  • Akama: Forgive my harsh methods, but the Betrayer cannot learn of the truth. My secret must be kept at all costs!

In a cell behind Akama, Maiev Shadowsong speaks up.

  • Maiev: If we truly desire the same thing, Akama, then release me! If Illidan is to die, it shall be by my hand!
  • Akama: In due time, Maiev. I've spent years planning to make my move - I can't afford to put my plans in peril by tipping my hand too soon.
  • Maiev: Curse you, Akama! I am not a pawn in your game...my will is my own. When I unleash my wrath upon Illidan it will have nothing to do with your foolish scheme!

Warcraft III

Основная статья: Quotes of Warcraft III/Neutral Heroes#Akama
  • "I am Akama, Elder Sage of the draenei. Lord Illidan promised to rid us of our ancient enemies in exchange for our loyalty. These cursed orcs serve Magtheridon--a terrible lord whose Black Citadel lies to the west. Under his command, the orcs hunted us to the brink of extinction. But now, with Lord Illidan behind us, we will fight back and retake our ancestral lands."(Draenei Village)
  • "We draenei have fought the orcs and their demon masters for generations. Now, at last, we will end their curse forever. We are yours to command, Lord Illidan." (Lord of Outland)

Памятные цитаты

Quest:The Secret Compromised
Olum walks up to Akama.
Olum говорит: Akama, my friend. Have you been informed? I was found out by Vashj's followers. Now our secret is in peril!
Akama говорит: Olum, old friend, it is good to see that you are safe.
Olum говорит: Illidan is looking for me. I'm not safe here; none of us are.
Akama говорит: Illidan will become suspicious, that much is for certain. We will deal with it as we always do.
Olum говорит: Illidan will find me. And when he does, he will pry the Ashtongue secret from me. Such is the power of the Betrayer! Now, there is only one way. My usefulness to the cause has come to an end. I must venture into the spirit world.
Akama говорит: You cannot be serious, Olum. Your sacrifice has already been too great.
Olum говорит: My decision is final. I will not be dissuaded. I have devoted my life to my plan. To jeopardize it now would betray all who have died for the cause long before me.
Akama говорит: It appears your mind is set then. We will guide you to the spirit world, with as much kindness as we can.
Olum говорит: I thank you, Akama. You honor me by allowing me this moment, surrounded by my brothers. Farewell friend, guide our people well.
Akama говорит: Farewell dear friend. We shall meet you in the next world when our duties in this one are fulfilled.
Akama puts Olum to rest. Shortly thereafter, he summons Illidan.
Akama говорит: Master, we've found the traitor who escaped Vashj! His body lies in front of me, lifeless.
Illidan говорит: You disappoint me Akama. I wanted to question the treacherous worm myself! I'm beginning to question your allegiance, broken.
Akama говорит: But sire! You have misjudged my actions... I do have knowledge of one close to you who plans to betray you! It is that dog Kael'thas! He has allied with Kil'jaeden and intends to replace you as Lord of Outland!
Illidan говорит: I do not sense lies in your voice Akama. That Kael'thas would betray me does not come a big surprise. I'm not as oblivious as some would think. That one of your own was involved with him puts your loyalties into question.
Illidan говорит: Send your Ashtongue into Tempest Keep and slay his most prized possession, the phoenix known as Al'ar. I must know that you're not on his side. Do not think of betraying me, broken. We both know who owns your soul.
Akama говорит: It will be done, my lord.
During Quest:A Distraction for Akama
  • Now is the time, Maiev! Unleash your wrath!
  • Slay all who see us! Word must not get back to Illidan.
  • Akama has no master, not anymore.
Inside the Black Temple
  • There are more of them!
  • Uninvited guests!
Killed a mob
  • Illidan will pay!
  • One step closer!
Low Health
  • I will not last much longer.
  • No, not yet!
Fight on, friends...Kill him...and end the curse of my people...
Reach the Top of Black Temple
Be wary friends. The Betrayer meditates on the courts just beyond.
The fight against Illidan
Illidan says: Akama. Your duplicity is hardly surprising. I should have slaughtered you and your malformed brethren long ago.
Akama says: We've come to end your reign, Illidan. My people and all of Outland shall be free!
Illidan says: Boldly said. But I remain...unconvinced.
Akama says: The time has come! The moment is at hand!
  • I'll deal with these mongrels! Strike now friends, strike at the Betrayer!
  • Beware his gaze! Do not look into his eyes!
  • The Light will bless these dismal halls once again. I swear it.


  • His name is possibly a pun, as the draenei in Warcraft III fought with sickle-like weapons that may be called , so he used a kama. In Warcraft III, he uses both the sickle-like weapon and another blade, and in World of Warcraft he uses two of the sickle-like weapons, making this likely. He still uses this type of weapon in World of Warcraft, and the same type of weapon can be seen on draenei banners.
  • Some fans speculate that the draenei child featured in the Black Temple trailer is Akama's daughter, and that the child's mother, who was killed by an orc, was his wife.
  • Akama used the original draenei model, now the Lost One model, in his Warcraft III appearance. It seems that his appearance has been retconned as opposed to multiple mutations. However his current model is a hybrid between Lost One and Broken features, he retains the mouth of a Lost One. Furthermore, like the untainted draenei, his feet are still cloven.
  • When one sees Akama in World of Warcraft, it is clear he does not quite look like his fellow Broken draenei nor the Lost One draenei. Instead, he looks half way between a Broken draenei and Lost One as seen by his strange face and the basket he carries on his back which many Lost Ones also use. In the story "Unbroken", Akama was said to have taken in a larger amount of the fel energy that caused the draenei to mutate into the Broken draenei, which may explain his appearance.
  • Akama can be spotted with his Warcraft III appearance in the backround of the art piece "Foes of Outland" by Wei Wang.
  • His quote "At my age, you see death everywhere. DEATH!", is a reference to the Simpsons.
  • As of Cataclysm Akama and Maiev appear on the loading screen for Outland.
  • Akama is the last surviving lieutenant of Illidan's Forces, although he is no longer a member of it.
  • The time at which Akama met Illidan and his followers has also been retconned (or possibly just eluded the developers). In Gates of the Abyss, it is obvious that he met them after they had begun to close down Ner'zhul's dimensional gateways. In the Patch 2.1.0 trailer, he is instead seen together with them as they decide on closing them.


Изменения в обновлениях


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